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Italy is one of the leading wine-producing countries in the world. Wine is an integral part of Italian culture and tradition and is deep-rooted throughout its territory, to the extent that it constitutes an element of grouping and recognisability in some specific areas. One of the fundamental characteristics of the Italian vineyard is its variety; over 300 autochthonous Italian vines have been identified which represent an extraordinary wealth of aromas and tastes and constitute decisive value added in international competition. This variety is borne out by the over five hundred DOC or geographical indication wines recognised at EU level.

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V.le Cesare Pavese, 305 
00144 Roma
email: agroqualita@agroqualita.it
phone: 06 54228675
fax: 06 54228692

Sede Pescara - Ufficio Vini Abruzzo e Lazio
Via Tiburtina Valeria, 97/49
65129 Pescara
phone: +39 085 4175588
fax: +39 010 5351135
email: vini.abruzzo@agroqualita.it

Sede di Avellino - Ufficio Vini
Via Seminario, 94
83100 Avellino
phone: 0825 21510
fax: 010 5351146
email: vini.campania@agroqualita.it

Responsabile dott. Francesco Manzo
phone: 0825 215104
mobile: 347 8888120
email: Francesco.Manzo@agroqualita.it

Sede di Milano - Ufficio Vini
Via Gran San Bernardo palazzo R ingresso 1
20089 Rozzano (MI)
phone: 39 0252876185
fax: 39 0105351538

Responsabile dott. Massimiliano Barba
phone: 39 0252876185
email: Massimiliano.Barba@agroqualita.it

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