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Agroqualità was established in 1995 as a result of the need of the Chambers of Commerce to oversee the issues of agricultural-food certification, with a specialised structure able to operate in a market which, in the mid Nineties, began to realise the importance of protecting quality values.

Qualification and enhancement of agricultural-food products have always been Agroqualità’s mission.

In 1999, Agroqualità was registered in the register of bodies authorised by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies to carry out checks on Designation of Origin products, PDO/PGI, while in 2000 it obtained the first Sincert accreditation, based on the UNI CEI EN 45012 Standard, in relation to the ISO 9001 scheme.

During 2007, in order to strengthen and expand the services offered to small and medium enterprises and support their competitiveness, Agroqualità signed an alliance with RINA S.p.A., a leading Italian certification body. This synergy enabled the regulated certification services traditionally offered by Agroqualità to be integrated with those of voluntary certification provided by RINA, creating a reference hub for the qualification of Made in Italy products.

In 2013, Agroqualità incorporated Is.Me.Cert. S.r.l., a certification body specialised in promoting quality agricultural-food products from the south of Italy, created as a result of the initiative of the regions of Campania and Basilicata, of the Provinces of Salerno and Benevento and of Unioncamere Campania. The acquisition of Is.Me.Cert represents an important step in the exploitation of the potential of agricultural-food products from the south of Italy which can claim a range of typical products of international renown.

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Overview Services Legislation Publications News and Events Contact us Group Website

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